WORLD DISABILITY DAY, Thu 3rd Dec, 2015

Disability Day or International Day of People with Disability- Thu 3rd Dec, 2015
Theme for 2015:Inclusion matters: access and employment of people of all abilities
Every 3rd December the world celebrates the international day of people with disability or disability. This day that has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992.
The main aim of celebrating this day is to enhance a greater understanding to people affected by disability and to make people without disability see people with disability as normal people. This day reminds the world that people with disabilities have rights as other normal human beings.
Disability Day is not only about mental or physical disabilities, but also it includes other disabilities.
In celebrating this day all people in the world should consider disabled people as normal people and involve them in various, socioeconomic and political activities as each human being is subjected equal rights and chances. Such involvement includes in decision making at all level from household, community, nation to world at large. 
As RDVA we join our efforts and time to support all disabled people on this day DISABILITY DAY


  1. TAREHE 9/12/2015 Ni siku ya kufanya usafi Tanzania kama alivyoagiza Rais Dr. John Pombe Magufuli. Hivyo kila mwana-RDVA atashiriki kwenye zoezi hilo katika manispaa ya Morogoro.