Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Green Campaign is a movement which aim to emphasize and mobilize students, University Workers, Staffs at Sokoine University of Agriculure (SUA) and the rest of the community to plant more trees within and outside the University Campuses. The motivational facts behind this campaign are;
v  Everyday trees supply oxygen up to 4 people, thus our survival depends on trees existence
v  Trees clean air we breathe, thus with tree we breathe clean air
v  The World loose about 15 billion trees every year, thus we have to take initiative to make replacement
v  Trees reduce noise pollution
v  Trees Improve water quality
v  Trees Help make our landscapes look beautiful
We call upon all friends of the environment to join us in this wealthy cause. To participate in this campaign you are requested to donate money to buy seedlings. Each Seedling Cost Tsh 1,000 Only. Our aim is to plant 5,000 trees. You can Donate many Seedlings as you can. You can send your donation plus your Name to RDVA treasurer, TECLA MLELEU through Tigo-Pesa (0655-571554) or M-pesa (0769-694835). Or you can give your money direct to the treasurer/Emmanuel Gasper (0656-405009). The campaign will be launched on 26th April 2016.
Everyone who in one way or another will participate in this wealthy event will be acknowledged.
For more information: 0659-405009

“Plant Trees…Plant Hope”

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